Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crazy Shit: Baby Cage, by Devon Shire

Baby Cage, by Devon Shire

Baby Cage, by Devon Shire

Seth and Kayla have great jobs as teachers at the same local college. They own their house and are happy with one another, but something is missing. They both long to be dominant and in control. But since they both have these feelings, they decide they need someone new. They pick a student. They intend to diaper, humiliate, and dominate this girl. She is going to be their baby slave girl.

Lena is a star student. She might not make a lot of friends at school, but she is determined to succeed. So when two of her teachers, Professors Seth Rowland and Kayla Kline, approach her about a special project, she eagerly signs up without even reading the requirements. She goes to their house at the assigned time. They interview her and decide that Lena will be perfect. She is the exact combination of defiance and submissive they’d like. With that, they accept her as a test subject.

First, they collar her. It’s not what Lena expects, so they get the pink strip of leather around her neck with hardly any trouble. She spots the set of needles and feels them prick her skin, but she soon has other things to worry about. Seth and Kayla take Lena back to her room where she’ll be spending much of the experiment.

It’s a nursery.

Their experiment will test how long it takes to regress an average college girl into an adorable toddler. She tries to struggle, but the collar weakens her, turning Lena into a docile if defiant baby girl. She is soon diapered and forced into fingerless mittens. For the night, they put her in a crib. By morning, Lena wakes up in a wet diaper.

She’ll have to escape her baby cage if she wants any chance of returning to her life as an adult. In the meantime, her teachers turned captors play with her, dress her, feed her, and teach her to be a good little girl. Because if she can’t get out of her cage soon, Lena just might find herself trapped in diapers forever.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. Age play and BDSM themes include: diapers, forced regression, bondage, spanking, dubious consent, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, humiliation, behavioral modification, and other forms of punishment.

Baby Cage, by Devon Shire

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gangbang With The Beasts, by Bree Bellucci

Gangbang With The Beasts, by Bree Bellucci

Gangbang With The Beasts, by Bree Bellucci

On their way home from a pregnant yoga class Claire and Emily break down on a deserted road in the forest. While waiting for help to arrive the women are abducted by grotesque sex-crazed monsters. The creatures drag the women deep into the forest to have their way with their pregnant bodies and defile them in unimaginable ways.

The women must fuck like their lives depend on it.


The exercise studio at Christiana Hospital was full of panting sweaty women, with their bulging bellies heaving up and down stressing the seams of their yoga pants. There was soft music playing in the background, some satellite radio Top 40 station, the latest Katy Perry song was playing for the fifth time that hour. 

“All right ladies! That should do it for today, I am so proud of all of you, especially the girls who look ready to pop,” shouted the yoga instructor with a big grin across her face. She was a fit energetic woman with bleached blonde hair pulled back in a tight pony tail that accentuated her face lift. Emily was put off by the instructor more often than not, perhaps it was her blatantly fake boob job and the fact that she still wore the same sized sports bra’s she wore before the surgery. Personalities aside, Emily had to admit that the instructor was a great motivator and fairly knowledgeable.

Emily and Claire had been coming to the pregnant yoga classes for the past few weeks. Their doctor suggested that they stay active and keep exercising to ensure that their pregnancies go smoothly. He prescribed pregnant yoga three times a week and pregnant massages at least once a week, Emily looked forward to the massages much more. 

“Hey Em what do you say we hit the Starbucks and get a couple of Frappuccinos?” Claire asked, “I’m so fucking thirsty.” She wiped the sweat from her brow and adjusted her sports bra.

“Do you have to wear just that bra to class? You look like such a skank with those tits popping out, you’re giving the instructor a run for her money,” Emily jibbed. 

“I suppose I should wear a big baggy t-shirt to yoga like you? I’m sorry but just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t still be sexy. I need all the positive reinforcement I can get right now and it’s nice to know that some men would still want to fuck me even though I look like a cow,” she defended herself. “Don’t tell me you hate when guys stare at your body undressing you with their eyes, it makes you feel good too.”

“Yeah I get it but the funny thing is that there are no men in this class! It’s a pregnant yoga class, how many men do you know that are pregnant?” Emily laughed. 

“Kiss my ass, besides Starbucks is a couple of blocks away and I say we walk there to see how many glances we can catch on the way.” Claire looked at Emily up and down, checking out her best friends figure, “You still got it Em, you’re tits are bigger than mine right now! And your ass looks great in those yoga pants. I was talking to Jim last night and he said that most guys find pregnant women even more attractive.”

“Funny you should mention that, I was talking to Brandon last night and he told me that my breasts were getting bigger because he thought they were filling with milk. What an idiot.” She dwelled on the thought for a minute, “But I guess it is nice that he still desires me, he certainly looks at me differently lately but I like it.”

“See? Now take that horrible t-shirt off you look like a trucker, and let’s go soak up some confidence,” Claire said with an enthusiastic smile. 

Emily gave in after murmuring a few choice words under her breath. She grabbed her shirt tails and pulled up struggling to get it over her head, Claire helped her get the shirt the rest of the way. Her full breasts jiggled as she pulled the shirt over her sports bra. Emily was self-conscious of having her swollen belly bare for everyone to see. She knew that a pregnant figure was beautiful and that no one would say anything to her but she still wasn’t used to the transformation. She couldn’t wait to be skinny again.

“Look at those puppies!” Claire said a little too loudly, the instructor and a few other women looked over at them. “Now what have you possibly got to be ashamed of? You need to work what you got Em.” Claire did a little sha-sha-sha mockingly.

Emily was visibly red, “Can we just get on with it already?” 

They walked over and grabbed their bags from the bench against the wall. They exchanged good-byes with the instructor and some of the other women and left the studio. They hadn’t realized just how muggy and sweaty the studio was until they opened the doors and the cool fresh air blew over their faces.

“Damn it’s a beautiful day out, we are getting lucky this spring with such nice weather,” Claire observed.

“It really is a nice day, good idea to walk to Starbucks. Let’s drop this stuff off first and let me grab my wallet and my phone.”

The two women tossed their bags in the car and grabbed their clutches each with their phones and wallets inside. They walked along the sidewalk and down the busy street, noticing the blatant stares from men passing by. A couple of cars actually honked their horns and a few men shouted out the window at them. Emily was mortified and she wished she had kept her shirt on, she felt increasingly exposed just wearing the sports bra and yoga pants. Claire on the other hand loved every minute and she was strutting confidently with a glowing smile on her face. Her head was held high and she was making direct eye-contact with every man that looked her way. 

They were quite a sight walking to Starbucks with their swollen breasts barely held back by the sports bras cradling them and their round bellies looking ready to burst at any minute. Emily heaved a sigh of relief as they entered the store and ordered their drinks. At least she would have the Frappuccino to focus on during the walk back to the car.

“I’m going to kill you for making me walk around like this, I feel like a circus freak Claire.”

“Calm down you look great, there are about a hundred guys that passed by already that would fuck you on this very sidewalk if you offered it to them,” Claire smiled cheekily. “Besides we’re almost back to the car.”

It felt like an eternity but they finally reached Claire’s red Audi A4, she hit the widget and unlocked the doors. Emily hurried to the passenger side, opened the door and flung herself into the seat. Claire casually opened the driver’s side door, winked at a guy passing by who was holding hands with his wife, and slid into the driver’s seat.

“Ready to get out of here?” Claire said in a coddling voice.

“Get me the fuck out of here,” Emily said, she was visibly stressed.

They exchanged glances and both started laughing uncontrollably as Claire pulled out of the parking space.

The car had pep to it and Claire had a heavy foot. Emily was too tired today to speak up about Claire’s speeding. She turned the radio on to local Top 40 and the same Katy Perry song was playing again. 

“What, do they have a mix CD with the same five songs on it and they just pop it in to the radio station computer and just hit repeat? We heard this song six times in the last hour during class,” Emily complained.

“I love this song. I don’t know what you are talking about. What’s wrong with you?” Claire asked. 
“You seem stressed out, like you need a good humping, are you making Brandon keep it in his pants lately?”

“No, I don’t know, I just don’t feel very sexy lately. I guess I haven’t really let the opportunity present its self in a while.”

“Well that’s a mistake,” Claire scoffed. “You need to have sex Em it’s the romantic glue of the relationship. And you need to get over your insecurities too. Brandon loves your pregnant body and would take you in a second if you let him.”

“I know, you’re right, maybe tonight I’ll initiate by sucking his…” Emily stopped suddenly, bracing herself after hearing a loud pop.

The car began to swerve and Claire slammed on the breaks, pulling the Audi off on to the side of the road. 

“Jesus Christ! Mother fucker!” Claire screamed. “Are you okay?” She looked over at her friend; Emily was white as a ghost.

“Yeah I’m fine,” she managed in a small voice, “what happened to the car?”

“I’m sure it’s a flat tire but let’s get out and take a look.”

The two women checked for oncoming traffic and then carefully got out of the car to observe the damage. The tire had blown on the passenger side and Emily noticed the shreds of remaining rubber clinging to the rim. 

“Christ fucker!” Claire screamed. “How did it blow up like this? I wasn’t even going that fast.”

Emily looked unconvinced but held her tongue, “Well this is a minor setback Claire but let’s take a deep breath and formulate a plan here. Yelling and screaming like a wild person isn’t going to help at all.”

“You’re right, I’m going to call Jim and yell at him instead to get his ass over here and to bring a new tire with him,” Claire said quickly.

“No Jim is at work, don’t bother him with this, there is nothing he can do right now. I have a AAA Plus membership let’s call them to send a tow truck guy over. Maybe they can change the spare for us or tow the car to a place that can fix it,” Emily said calmly. “But I want you to promise me you will calm down Claire. It’s not good for the baby if your blood pressure goes up too high.”

Claire said nothing but folded her arms under her boobs and across her chest and leaned against the side of the car in submission. Emily went into the car to get her purse and pulled out her iPhone. She dialed the number for AAA and hit send.

The two women looked around soberly, trying to figure out where they were. They could see nothing but dense forest on either side of the road. And since they had pulled over, they realized not one other car had passed by. 

“Hey Claire this is Route 50 right? What is the last cross-street that we saw?” Emily was on the phone with the dispatcher.

“Yeah this is definitely Route 50 but I’m really bad with road names, can they go with landmarks? If so, we’re right between a big fucking scary forest and another big fucking scary forest. And both forests are probably full of creatures and rapists and rats,” Claire said sarcastically.

Emily ignored her, “Yes ma’am I believe we are between those two roads and driving northbound on Route 50. Let me check for a mile marker, I see one up the road a little ways away.”

Emily trotted over to the little green mile marker, her big belly bouncing up and down encumbering her every step.  “It’s mile marker 27. Yes, that’s it, thank you so much. Thank you we will wait for him, 15-20 minutes?” Emily looked up at Claire and smiled, “Okay we’ll sit tight thanks again!”

Gangbang With The Beasts, by Bree Bellucci

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crazy shit: Girl, Don't Ride The White Horse, by Rosario Satana

Girl, Don't Ride The White Horse, by Rosario Satana

Uncle Ray took me in under his care after Daddy died. Little did I know that Uncle was a dirty old man, only wanting me for my virgin pussy. But things turned around for the better when I met Unicorn, Uncle's horse.

This fictional book contains explicit sex between a woman with her step-uncle and a woman with a horse. The characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.

"Unicorn put the heel of his hoof on my back and pushed me down. I squirmed, trying to scramble away, but then his other hoof landed on my shoulder, trapping me to the ground. He bent down on top of me, his upper body crushing me with his weight. I could feel him jerking on top of me, and then I felt... it, his cock. The head jabbed in between my ass crack, hitting my asshole and then down to my pussy, before gathering enough of my pussy juice and nudging at my wet hole.

"No, horse! No!" I screamed hoarsely, but it was too late. I felt the incredibly thick head of Unicorn's dick enter me, stretching me more than I've ever been stretched before. Intense pain shot through my body as Unicorn shoved his long horse cock further into my pussy."


"Who's that nice piece of ass you got there, Ray?" asked an old man with sun-ripened skin which was barely protected by a straw cowboy hat.

"That there's my niece. She came to live with me now that her daddy died. Dumb as a bag of hammers, that girl is, but mighty fine to look at," Uncle Ray muttered through the toothpick in his mouth. I looked away from the two men, pretending to be fascinated with a fruit stand display and not overhearing their conversation, and also pretending to not be affected by what they said. Deep down I was angry.

"Mmm," said the old man. I could feel his gaze right through me. "Y'hear what the Jenkins boy got into today?" I tuned out the rest of their talk. I wasn't interested in the country or the people who lived here. Frankly, I regret even coming here, but it wasn't my idea. My daddy just passed away and my mother left when I was only a baby. I had nowhere else to go until Uncle Ray took me in. He wasn't close to Daddy since they were step-brothers and they had always fought over my grandfather's inheritance. Daddy ended up getting it, and with the money we were able to live in the city in a nice, comfortable home. But once he died, Uncle Ray gained the property and sold it immediately. I had no other choice but to follow him home here on his ranch.

"C'mon, girlie, we done talkin'," Uncle called to me. "Have a good one, Jim," he said to the old man as we piled up in his truck. I sighed as I got in. I didn't want to leave the market, since that meant going back to the ranch and being alone with Uncle.

"Now that we got some ingredients you can cook us up a good meal," Uncle said as we rode down a long dirt road. "I heard your daddy trained you well in the kitchen." I gave him a smile in response. I didn't want to talk about Daddy with him.

"What's wrong with you, girlie? You ain't talkin' much." Uncle touched my thigh, resting his hand there.

"Nothing," I said, my voice breaking from not speaking all day. 

"I'll cheer you up when we get home. Show you the barn and all the animals." As Uncle spoke, his hand trailed higher up my thigh under my dress, reaching towards my panties. In surprise, I asked him, "What are you doing?"

"Shush, you'll like it." Uncle squeezed the lips of my pussy hard together. His hand was rough and it felt like he was mauling me.

"I don't like it."

"Yes you do, you little slut. Now shut the hell up." I looked defiantly out the passenger window, intent on ignoring Uncle and his sick perversion. Was this what I had to look forward to – putting up with a dirty uncle for a place to stay?

Trees and farmland passed by, broken up intermittently by pastures of standing cattle and horses. I stared longingly at the horses as Uncle rubbed my pussy through my panties. All I could think was what it would be like to ride one of those horses – to ride and be free and not have an uncle, an uncle that I never thought would try to finger me.

Uncle pulled up to the long dirt driveway and parked beside his house. It was an old, run down house with chipped paint exposing a brick foundation. I didn't want to go inside of it and be holed up with Uncle in there, not just yet. My eyes darted past the house and to the big, tin-roofed barn that stood in Uncle's backyard. I had never seen the inside of a barn before, and I was determined to find out what it was like.

"I'm going to check out the barn," I told Uncle as I jumped out of the truck and headed to the backyard. He caught up with me and grabbed my arm, clutching it tight. "Next time you had better ask for my permission, young lady," he said, squeezing my arm hard.

 Girl, Don't Ride The White Horse, by Rosario Satana